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WebAppSkins Enhancing Web App Interfaces!

WebAppSkins caters to web application developers, PHP coders and those who require instant, out of the box, backend administration & user interface admin template skins.

Each WebAppSkins template takes weeks to produce! Our designers and coders work in sync to carefully plan, draw and code each UI framework layout. We do all the initial stages of the development phase so you can focus on making the next killer web app. Whether you're looking for a corporate or a fun web application layout, we have it all here!

















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1 Mar 2010
WebAppSkins Partnership
WebAppskins is now free to all DreamTemplate premium subscribers.


About Us

WebAppSkins creates premium admin skins for web application developers.


  • Enhance WebApp UI Design
  • Speed up Development
  • Various Different Styles
  • JQuery Enhanced Templates

What They Say

pictureI've saved hours on UI design
thanks to WebAppSkins."

by: Michael F., App Developer