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WebAppSkins is home to premium admin skins.

During the initial stages of building web applications, developers can spend hours designing their web application/backend user interfaces. With WebAppSkins, we pre-build web application user interface layouts so you easily build upon them. The design and coding of xhtml, css, jquery, javascript and icon design is already taken out of the development cycle allowing you to focus on what you do best, building your next web app hit!

Using WebAppSkins, you'll build great looking web applications, faster!

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All WebAppSkins templates include:

Fully Valid Web Standards Compliant Code (XHTML+CSS)
Instant Deployable Implementations. You can start building web apps immediately!
CSS Stylized System encompassing Forms Fields, Inputs, Buttons, Tabs, Tables and more. Quick changes to styles can be made by editing a CSS styles file.
Login dialog boxes, Prompt dialog boxes
Jquery sortable tables & lists
Dynamic content switching tabs
Dynamic real-time calendars and clocks
Dynamic arrangement of items, icons
Pre-designed icons



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1 Mar 2010
WebAppSkins Partnership
WebAppskins is now free to all DreamTemplate premium subscribers.


About Us

WebAppSkins creates premium admin skins for web application developers.


  • Enhance WebApp UI Design
  • Speed up Development
  • Various Different Styles
  • JQuery Enhanced Templates

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pictureI've saved hours on UI design
thanks to WebAppSkins."

by: Michael F., App Developer